“The Tomb of the Cybermen”

Second Doctor, Season Five, Serial One

reviewed by Tom-Tom

The carryover companions from the First Doctor’s time left the company of the Doctor in The Faceless Ones, and a new one joined at the end of Season Four in The Evil of the Daleks, namely Victoria. A proper lady of high class Victorian Society, she is not used to technology or time travel. At the very beginning of the present serial, the Doctor and Jamie intro the various features of the TARDIS to their newest member. Happy at the chance to not be the only “man out of time” on board which led to his previous uneasiness with modern couple Ben and Polly, Jamie acts as slightly protective, overly critical big brother.

Their first journey brings them to the original planet of the Cybermen, which featured in the previously reviewed serial here on Hallthorn Reviews, The Moonbase. The new crew of the TARDIS meets intergalactic archaeologists here to investigate, you guessed it, the tomb of the Cybermen. The party consists of seedy male and female financial backers Klieg and Kaftan, both with ESL accents boasting a powerfully built bodyguard servant named Toberman who, like all henchmen of the silver screen, is basically silent and subservient to his bosses. Or perhaps not… Other members include the actual archaeologist, who sports a Germanic accent, and the spaceship crew who all have American accents. Toberman demonstrates his great strength by opening the great doors at the entrance of the Jabba the Hutt like Cyberman Lair.

After pulling a few levers, the Doctor manages to give everyone access to the entire interior opening the doors with a “simple logical code.” Everyone splits up, because that is what you do when you find yourself in a possibly dangerous ruin with strangers in the Tomb of the Cybermen. It soon becomes apparent that Kaftan and Krieg have their own reasons for finding the tomb and that the implications of these are quite sinister. Along the way, we getting a rather chilling revival of the eponymous fiends who have proven before that they are equally creepy in great numbers. Toberman is probably the only character in Doctor Who history to come out the better in a one on one unarmed contest with a Cyberman other than the Doctor, of course. It’s cute to see the first site of the Cybermats, the roller skate like Cybermech which is seen in the revived series episode Closing Time. While not as suspenseful or as well thought out as The Moonbase, The Tomb of the Cybermen has its charm.


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