Third Doctor


Continuing the tradition of a complete change-up, The Second Doctor is forced to regenerate into the Third Doctor, a tall, no-nonsense intelligent action hero played by Jon Pertwee. Unlike the previous Doctors, free to roam around the cosmos but almost always landing where there are humans or humanoids or just on Earth, he was forced by the Time Lords to stay on Earth blocking his memory of TARDIS technology. The Third Doctor is just as arrogant and impatient as The First Doctor but in a deadpan comical way. He finds a sparring partner in the Brigadier of UNIT previously introduced in various Second Doctor storylines. Their comic back and forth is fun to watch. The Doctor’s adventures save Earth many times and he is eventually allowed to get his memory back and use his TARDIS again. More than any Doctors before or since, this Doctor is a fighter, a reliable source of information and results, and a charming gentleman. His companions were Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, and Sarah Jane Smith.


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