Second Doctor

Second Doctor

After the moody and harsh First Doctor, in a brilliant move by producers, the Doctor regenerated changing his appearance and personality almost completely into the Second Doctor , played by Patrick Troughton. The Second Doctor was smaller, sillier, childish but never really campy. His face could change from a boyish grin to a shrewd look that is almost vampiric in appearance. Unfortunately, due to the 1970’s BBC junking policy, most of Troughton’s (and some of Hartnell’s) episodes and even whole serials were discarded leaving behind a mess of incomplete or entirely vacant slots on the shelves of collectors everywhere. Thankfully, at least the soundtrack of the episodes remains and some missing episodes have been reproduced using minimalist but adequate animation. Other serials have to rely on a slide show of screen shots from the episode sometimes with helpful captions thrown in to tell baffled viewers what’s actually going on. The Second Doctor’s companions were Ben and Polly, Jaime McCrimmon, Victoria, and Zoe.


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