“The Twin Dilemma”

Sixth Doctor, Season Twenty-One, Serial Seven

reviewed by Tom-Tom

After the remarkable Landmark regeneration serial The Caves of Androzani, which should have been as good an end to the 21st Season as the Fifth Doctor deserved (not to mention deserving top billing in the above serial losing it to newcomer Colin Baker) we get a new Doctor in a new adventure: The Twin Dilemma and what a dilemma it is. Peri still hasn’t worked out her terrible attempt at an American accent (and at acting itself). The new Doctor is…well, pretty damn atrocious. He lacks any trace of charm, or any appeal whatsoever. Ironically enough, the most interesting thing about him is his trademark mismatched patchwork outfit. The writing, as well, has taken a turn for the worse after the award worthy Androzani.

Here we get twins doing just what twins shouldn’t do on TV i.e. Speaking in unison and finishing each others’ sentences. They are kidnapped by their instructor, who is incidentally a Time Lord and the Doctor’s own past tutor. They are child prodigies. The Doctor, while getting used to his new body decides to attempt to strangle the very woman he gave one of his lives for. There are dark blue faced aliens with horns and mane of hair like any member of the cast of “Cats.”

“In my time I’ve been threatened by experts and I don’t rate you very highly.” They are led by a furry moth whose green ray causes embolisms. Each of the episodes end with either the Doctor or Peri being viewed full in the face bemoaning the possible death of the other with acting talent ranking in the B category. What a terrible beginning to any Doctor’s reign.


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