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With every passing year, I wonder what really is behind the choosing of movies as Best Picture. Films like Birdman, The Artist, Chicago, and La La Land (which “won” for all of 4 minutes before the fallacy was explained) make me feel as if it is “the movie that speaks to the voters” rather than actual cinematic quality of the movies themselves that clinches the win. The struggle of actors and actresses who make it big will never ever be a foil for the American dream for me. Making travel plans to California doesn’t ensure anything will go well and the starlet/star waiting to be born is a tired tale told way too often and too poorly especially considering how close the makers are to the source material.

      Swingers executed it well without the glamour or glitz but rather with down and out actors commiserating with one another for getting turned down to play even Goofy at Disneyland. The doubt and self questioning there were universal to any job and not the main point of the movie. It’s a testament to our age of perceived entitlement in which films star people who expect to arrive fresh off the bus and then to be sent to the head of the line at auditions and lauded as the best actor ever, much, interestingly enough as the gullible ginger chump in the Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Red-Headed League. The inevitable whining and navel gazing afterwards always gets my blood up. “I’m the main character in this movie, everyone should do what I want.” Continue reading


The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy

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I have seen all but one of Director Alejandro Inarritu’s notable works (or so noted as such by the Wikipedia empire). Much of his storytelling is deliberately confusing sometimes irritatingly so. Some of his films have a chopped narrative to further stymie unattentive viewers. He certainly has a unique voice although it is not for everyone. The Revenant is the first time I thought one of his films was beautiful just to watch pass by. Yes, terribly violent events are occurring but they happen in a pace of an older, calmer world. I found it relaxing just to see the falling snow and the flowing of the river. It is very well known now that Innaritu has a passion for challenges which critics may deem gimmicks. In the Academy Award Best Picture recipient Birdman, it was seemingly filming the movie all in one take. Here, it is filming in all natural light. In terms of cinematography, The Revenant is a ringing success. As for its story, that is another matter.

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