Supernatural Season 10

Jensen Ackles

Jared Padalecki

reviewed by Tom-Tom

Supernatural is one of the most enduring TV series currently on television now. It constantly freshens up the stakes and risks. It isn’t afraid to kill off any one or both of its main characters and throw them screaming into Hell, Purgatory, or even Heaven. It takes big, biblical themes featuring angels, demons, and monsters, strips them to their roots, removing them of anything preachy or overtly Satanic, relying solely on the lore of the beings and places them in big plot arc after big plot arc. It’s smart enough to make fun of itself every now and then with a spoof episode, and clever enough not to try to outspread its reach. It’s been a long road which has featured the Yellow Eyed Demon, Lilith, Satan, Eve, Leviathans, Metatron, and Cain. It’s a show which began with the monster of the week formula with two handsome brothers driving around in a sexy American muscle car and has expanded to encompass its own universe.

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