“The Moonbase”

“The Moonbase”

Second Doctor, Season Four, Serial Six

reviewed by Tom-Tom

One of the great tragedies of television history is the 1970’s BBC junking of 97 episodes of Doctor Who not to mention other fine shows. The First and Second Doctors’ serials were hit the hardest. Having read the corresponding novels for the missing Second Doctor serials, I can attest that the loss is momentous. Mercifully, the full soundtrack for all the missing episodes was retained. Many labors of love have resulted in animated episodes using the original soundtrack. At the very least, there are some episodes in which a sort of vague slide show of on set screen shots float through the soundtrack.

The Moonbase is the first serial, chronologically speaking, within the order of the Second Doctor’s broadcast serials to be restored. The 1st and 3rd episodes, previously missing, have been animated to great effect. The animation is almost black and white and is minimalist, focusing on facial expressions more than bodily movement. It’s a joy to behold. The Second Doctor’s first two serials, The Power of the Daleks, and The Highlanders, both so important as the first introduced the landmark regeneration of the Doctor from William Hartnell to Patrick Troughton, my personal favorite and his odd behavior and the disbelief and mistrust of his companions, and the second introduced the companion with whom the Second Doctor would share the rest of his entire adventures, including the crossover with the Sixth Doctor The Two Doctors. Continue reading