Red Hill


A young police officer from the city arrives in the small mining town of Red Hill. It’s his first day, he’s late, he’s lost his gun, and things are only going to get worse.

Red Hill is one of those quiet little gems of a movie that most people will have to go out of their way to find. Which is a damn shame as this is a finely crafted, taught, well executed movie that deserves a wider audience.

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The Straight Story.


The Straight Story is quite simply a beautiful, nigh on perfect little movie.

It may lack Lynch’s trade mark surrealist tropes and convoluted narrative structures. But it could be argued that this is far and away his finest hour.

Alvin Straight is old. His hips are shot and his eyesight is failing. But his tongue is as sharp as his mind. Upon hearing that his estranged brother has suffered a stroke, Alvin decides to bury the hatchet and visit his brother, who lives several hundred miles away. Although his failing eyesight prevents him from driving, Alvin is determined to make this journey by himself. So he decides to use his ride on lawn mower as an unconventional means of transport. And thus begins a gentle, touching, road movie.

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Way of the Gun


A hard edged thriller that gives no quarter and expects none in return. Full of unpleasant, morally bankrupt characters, Way Of The Gun is a refreshing take on the kidnap drama, thanks to compelling performances, tight direction and a sparse, uncompromising script.

Two drifters, violent petty criminals both, come across a golden opportunity to make an easy 15 million bucks. All they need to do is kidnap a pregnant woman, acting as a surrogate for a rich family, induce the pregnancy and ransom the baby for a wad of cash. What could go wrong?

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