The Dark Tower

Idris Elba

Matthew McConaughey

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It seems everyone has a series these days. You can’t go to the theater without finding the newest chapter in a seemingly unending expanse of superheroes, space operas, or young adult directed post apocalyptic fare. Universal even tried to start a “Dark Universe” series with the universally panned The Mummy. Stephen King, who needs no introduction, started his own series in the 80’s for his even then burgeoning horde of fans. He was lightly hoping to bridge a few of the worlds he had created. He kept up with them, though finishing the series in what can now be called the early 21st Century. He started without much of a plan and so had to do lots of backpedaling in post-series publications. He himself makes an appearance in the series and a beloved character sacrifices himself by getting hit by the vehicle that struck King in real life. In the book, King’s character muses about how to finish the series. If that’s not a sign of writer’s block, I don’t know what is. The contradictions in the unevenly published series and built up anticipation from fans on how the series should end brought not a little disappointment at what really happens. King even tells the readers directly not to venture past the point where Roland eventually enters the Dark Tower. I doubt anyone heeded his warning. I also doubt it is much more of a spoiler than the identity of Luke Skywalker’s father but if it is for you, then go to the next paragraph. Roland, after all his trouble, gets sent back to the beginning of the first book. “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

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Star Wars: Episode VIII-The Last Jedi

Daisy Ridley

Mark Hamill



I’ve been dreading writing this article. I think it is safe to say that The Last Jedi was one of the most divisive films of 2017. Major critics were lauding it as the best Star Wars movie ever. Fans were in two schools of worst Star Wars film ever and confusion about where the series will go next. I can understand the confusion. I’ve found that as I get older, I’m no longer able to catch everything in one viewing anymore or rather, I understand that I can’t catch everything in one viewing of certain films. The Last Jedi was no different. Post-movie discussions with my pals turned to typical queries of who liked it or not. I found I couldn’t answer. I mean, I liked how they took the Force out of the restraints of the Skywalker family and gave it to everyone. I liked how Luke Skywalker appealed to his own humanity not attempting to be the hero who saves everything…again. But it was a lot to chew on. With all these things to like, why is it, I couldn’t bring myself to answer in the positive? Perhaps because everything I thought I knew about Star Wars had been thrown up in the air and I didn’t have any idea where it would land and whether I would like it when it did. The Last Jedi takes the Star Wars franchise in a different direction and it is not for everyone.

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